Pre-Glued Dowel Pins

In the 1990s, Chicago Dowel noticed customers’ frustrations in dealing with glue. Working with glue involves a high degree of machine maintenance. Glue seepage and squeeze out compounds the problem by adding to down time with product needing to be cleaned and sanded. To answer this need, Chicago Dowel developed a process of pre-gluing their dowel pins. A fair amount of time was spent not only collaborating with chemists to perfect a specific glue formula, but also in developing a proprietary glue application process. Eventually, the Chicago Dowel Pre-Glued Dowel Pin was born. Water-activated glue is now uniformly coated on every single dowel pin. FSC® dowel pins are available upon request.

No More Drips, Runs, or Squeeze Out. Most Importantly, No More Mess!

Chicago Dowel has been offering pre-glued dowel pins since 1994. The Chicago Dowel Pre-Glued Dowel Pin is considered "the best in the industry".